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Friday, April 13, 2012

   "If we do not have a Great Revival, a Great Awakening, we will not be recognizable as the nation originally hoped for by our founding fathers as well as other leaders of the last two hundred years."


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Never have I been more concerned than at this time that America is facing one of the greatest crisis of its young history.  This statement may seem a bit extreme to say, especially when you think about the wars that the United States has had in its time, as well as the great depression, the counter-culture battles of the 1960’s and 1970’s and the recession of the 1970’s.  But folks, we have literally drifted so far away from our Founding Fathers writings, plans, principles, and our True Believer foundation and heritage, that we are without a doubt facing a major judgment and chaotic uprising.  America has embraced other gods, immorality, humanistic values that are waging war against heavenly ones.

The truth is, that this reality of what I have just laid out to you is carrying such consequences, that if we do not have a Great Revival, a Great Awakening, we will not be recognizable as the nation originally hoped for by our founding fathers as well as other leaders of the last two hundred years.  We are in danger of not having the recovery that many leaders are speaking to the American people about.  

It is literally up to the church, the ecclesia, to accept responsibility now to lead the way in rising to new levels of influence, authority, and pressing into the heart of God like never, and I mean never before.  We must now decide to come boldly to the throne of the Lord, boldly contend for truth in Washington D.C., boldly speak up and let our voices, our convictions, our faith be heard!  There is no way around it.  We must become the ecclesia - the culture of America now - or this nation will cease to exist as we know it.  

There is deception of a such a scale of evil in our nation’s capital that if the ecclesia does not pray aloud, decree and prophesy for righteous roots to come into existence now, and for the light of the Lord to penetrate the darkness that is being fed to all of us daily, we will see any hint of a Republic or Capitalism be gone forever.   That is how serious this has become.  If we who are the representatives of heaven on earth do not rise up now in our authority as ambassadors for the Lord, we will see tyranny, persecutions, and manipulations against God’s people rise up in America.  

This is indeed the time to fight for our liberty, and for the statutes that our founding fathers wrote about in the constitution.  

Marcie Havranek commented on 13-Apr-2012 12:07 PM
Hi Pat, Your latest message was very sobering. Arise ecclesia, and learn to war! For such a time as this we were brought into His Kingdom! Thank you for the heart of the Father which speaks clearly through you. In Christ with much love for you and Val,
Marcie Havranek
Anonymous commented on 14-Apr-2012 03:27 PM
Pat, What you spoke about is already happening. Jay Sekulow, of The ACLJ (Amreican Center for Law & Justice) has already received pleas for help from conservative groups in 17 states across the nation (they are representing almost 2 dozen conservative
groups), because the IRS is denying them tax exemption unless they comply with demands that violate the constitutional right to free speech and association. A few of the questions the IRS is demanding these conservative groups to release are: "Do you directly
or indirectly communicate with member of legislative bodies?" "If so, provide copies of the written communications and contents of other form of communications." The legislature does not have authority to demand this information. they as "How does your organziaation
solicit members? What are they quesitons aksed of potential members, provide the name, employer id number and address of the organizaiton ---- and on and on. Congress does have the authority and can conduct oversight hearings and the Supreme Court has ruled
more than 50 years ago against such intrusions by the IRS -- but the administration of our government today is ignoring our Constitution and bullying to get their agenda of destruction accomplished. The ACLJ has notified the IRS of their intent to defend the
groups and demnanding that Congress take action. We need to pray, pray, pray for Jay Sekulow and his familys' protection. We need to pray for Congress and for the success of the ACLJ's actions to quash this most intrusive action against the rights of the American
people. Yes, we all must pray - forgetting denomimational lines and ALL denominations standing together in war of the darkness against the Light.
Anonymous commented on 14-Apr-2012 03:45 PM
Last fall I transferred my children from their local, in-district schools to other districts. This is because our local district is using "IB Attitudes" for thought control. (International Baccalaureate) Gone is God in that school ... after experiencing
the administrator's use of these "Attitudes" -- which were to control my child's behaviour -- I did research because my Spirit was troubled. What I found was Secular Humanism. So, I did what my conscience and the Lord said and MOVED my kids to other schools.
Our local district lost over $21,000 in student revenue this year. It's one way to let my "voice" be heard! -- A Michigan Mom
Angelo Lebrato commented on 18-Apr-2012 05:48 AM
Dear Pat, and Val, meeting you in Germany changed my life... The extended hours in at the breakfast-table talking about God and his things... Gave me more and more inspiration for what I almost have lost... YES, this is real... It's also happening in Europe...
We are so far from where the Lord want us to be... As a full time intercessor I struggle to pray... Sometime I pray for everything to break lose... So tha church will awake... Sometimes a have to pray for MERCY... And Gd to delay his plans, because we are
not ready... The body of Christ is not ready. Blessings from Lodon (since Sept. last year)

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