"Moslem Winter" May 14, 2012 Prophecy by Pat Holloran

Monday, September 17, 2012
With the recent world events of the assassination of the United States ambassador to Libya and the violent demonstrations that have followed, we feel compelled to share this prophetic word Pat Holloran received from the Lord on May 14, 2012, while doing a tour of ministry in Western Michigan. 

Here is a transcript of the word below, unedited from its original date.

 "Watch in the time of demonstrations abroad that will involve the death of political figures from America on foreign soil. It will be a direct challenge to the sovereign soil of the United States that is in our embassies. This is a warning of a political firestorm that will show the confusion of first the State Department, and then of a being tossed to and fro like the waves upon the water in the current administration. In this there will be a public uproar of many U.S. Citizen’s as to how can we support these nations that would destroy in a quick moment the beliefs of Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

This incident of death will be the bookmark for the launching of what many will come to call the “Moslem Winter.” And while many outside these lands will instead try to call it the “Arab Winter”, it is in truth more about a religion than a people. This will bring into existence the choice of governments to make a stand for democracy and for Israel, who will in that time be moving to launch their own pre-emptive strike.

Know too that this will be more intense than in the time of Tehran when Jimmy Carter was the President. This current event will overshadow that of the time of Carter being President and will start to show the true character of the current administration. The people of America will see and rise up in voices that will start to demand of the current leadership in Washington D.C. answers to what is the true message of their policies and future plans.

And yet, know that I the Lord truly am in charge of the situations that will promote a raising up of apostolic fathers to start to discuss and venture into new relationships that will show the effort that will start to birth the taking of the gates of a nation."
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