Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have you not heard the cry of heaven for you and for this land?  The cry of justice, of passion for righteousness, and of hope that delivers the captives into freedom?

I the Lord have put the orders of heaven into effect, and now there is a commissioning for the world to watch the growth of a people become that of hearing my voice as thunder.  And in this you shall teach the people of other lands that I am the God who utters forth His voice that all may hear.  For IAM speaking unto you to grab the heart of success that removes poverty, fear, and grief that is of the times of men from centuries ago.  

For this is the time of bringing the body of Christ into the role of authority that expresses that the generations belong to Me. And I will cause each one to do more than those who have come before them.  For I the Lord do not take anyone who says they are of Me to less, but always to greater.  

IAM He who will promote My kingdom upon this earth.  And you will see in this time, a birthing of the fathers, mothers, and apostles to arise from My hands into the hands of the people of the country.  And they shall come together piece by piece, person by person, even as soon as the time of the leaves of trees changing color and falling to the earth.  And they will pursue the friendships, the relationships, and the covenants with the fathers of Israel.  And an alliance will be born that says the nations are together in righteousness.

IAM about to place My Heart into your government leaders.  It will be a process of one by one, and in this you will rejoice that there is righteousness coming to a people who have been crying for Me.  And you shall even have messengers who will enter into the city halls, the regional buildings, and the government courts and they will announce that My people of Abraham are welcome once again into the land of Poland.  And I the Lord will remove the curse of a failing economy.  For as they bless My People, I speak the blessing on those who do this.

IAM the God of covenant, who keeps the promises to His people that in love, there is an establishing of inheritances to the children’s children.  IAM going to place many of you here in this place into the realms of speaking for your nation and other nations.  For this is the cry of My heart that you will be the voice of a people who are requesting the times of refreshing be no longer delayed.

Behold, a reformation is to be upon this nation for having the mind of the Mighty King of kings.  And it will register in the south, at the gates of import and export, of the marketplace.  And it will be achieved in the northern gates, where I the Lord will come and sit in My glory.  And then you will see envy and jealousy leave your nation.  I will cause the gatekeepers to arise in the west, and the generational blessings of the forefathers will come back into existence, but it will be without the curses of the forefathers.  For I have declared that you shall stand in the ancient pathways, and find rest for your soul, and it will be good!  And watch for the possessions and opening of the eastern gates of the land, where My Son will come through and give to you the authority, the dominion, that is yours for the lands, the sea, and the mountains.

For in the quick time of my Chronos, I am giving you the gatekeepers who will appoint the watchmen to stand in the gates as guardians of the outposts of destiny.  You will find that My timing is now, and that as the God who is IAM, you will discover that the past is sealed shut so that you will enter into the promises that others have prayed for.  Yes, there are faithful ones, who have petitioned Me from the past, that there would arise a people rich in ME, who love as I do, and promote a family that is full of wisdom, unity, and unconditional love.  And it is time for this answer to the prayers to come.  And I the Lord will choose you, and those of your land to fulfill the expectations that even I have for the nation.

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