"First Love, First Passion" Revival

Thursday, March 22, 2012

In this time of history that is His story, God is directing His blood covered and blood bought saints to come into a deeper relationship that is stronger than ever before.  It is the time of kings going to war, of the Passover where God’s love is reaffirmed to a people who call out for freedom, to know His love, and to draw closer in relationship and dependency on Him.  It is the beginning of a new season where the transaction of knowing Him through Jesus Christ is established once again in the lives of True Believers.  It is the time of “first love” being brought to the forefront of the church that says, “I must have more of You than ever before Oh Lord!”

This is not a season, but a transformation that can and will last for generations.  It is the call for revival.  A revival of first love that brings us back into how we became a new creation in one quick moment.  Where all that mattered was the rising up into having a knowledge of being with Jesus Christ, God, and Holy Ghost for all eternity.  To bring back to life the fervent applause of the heart that says to our life, “we are headed for a new glory that will change our very existence and culture.” 

And this is the invitation of today.  To draw forward into a deep intimacy with God through Jesus Christ that causes the hand of God to move on our behalf.  Where faith arises again to believe in the impossible being right now.  Where visions, hopes, futures come into revelation and are no longer held in the imagination but come into reality by a true leading of Holy Ghost.  It is the response of the body of Christ to come together and through intimacy, whether in song, prayer, or fellowship, have God add His sound to our sound that is from His heart  for a people who are no longer wanting to be fashionably correct, but intimately responsive.  A radical and loving bride who declares that morality, righteousness, and integrity are footholds that Holy Ghost can use to draw a love that is a fire, out of us and into our society.

This call of revival is now.  And with it will come the signs, wonders, miracles, revelations, and the knowing of belonging to a family that brings hearts into one accord and unity.  And with it is the freshness, excitement, zeal of knowing that we are to be stepping into heaven at any moment.  And it will go out to other lands as those who come into these gatherings will take it to their lands as well.  Won’t you join us as we invest once again in our hearts being filled with the freshness of knowing Jesus Christ not only as the way to the Father of lights, but as King of kings and Lord of lords?  And together we will receive the excitement of God being established in our hearts, lives, and land.  In Jesus Christ’s Name.

If you live near Tampa FL, this is an invitation for you to attend our "First Love, First Passion" Revival Meetings coming April 1st-12th at Revival Outreach Center, 225 Dover Rd, Dover FL. 

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