Friday, August 13, 2010
Swiss MountainsHear the cries of the land as it speaks forth the roar of a lion that is not dead, dying, or hidden.  For the voice of a nation, the thunder of the lands, and the visions of destiny have been arising into the realm of the natural for a people who are destined to be in the kingdom of the righteous supernatural.

For the patriarchs are arising and are encountering, the news of Kingdom living upon this earth that will take the mighty and fierce warriors to be, from the times of training, of instruction, and of being in stealth, into the front lines that will bring forth the victory of a country that will show others that the Babylon of Europe is not to have a hold on the people of God.  

This is the time of knowing not who is the greatest, but of knowing those who are with the King of kings, and are to establish a government of heaven on earth.  For in the government of what I will release on this nation, there will come many servants who are to be appointed by Me for bringing a righteousness into the law of the people.  

There is a cry of a holy people, of holy warriors, of a battle strong people who are full of integrity and their yes is yes.  These are being raised up now to come into renewing the cry of victory.  And it will not be about the deeds of the past, or the legends of faith that are written down in history.  For today, I am placing upon My people to do greater than those of the bygone days.  

Watch as I bring the fathers of the generations together into a gathering that will agree to have unity, to lead by example, and who will be willing to wash the feet of the people.  And I will bring the angel of Glory, and the angel of the Lord, to the leaders who will not have the ambitions of their own destinies, but the building up of the destinies of the saints.  And these fathers of My heart will see the sons and daughters of adoption that I am giving to them for bringing many into the gifts of heaven on earth.

For this particular fathering nation (which is part of a confederacy of fathering nations in the Spirit) will bring a reformation to the lands of the north, and to the south.  And it shall be the constant bringing of the minds of people to the mind of Jesus Christ.  And Truth - with My Glory - will be the bookmark that will identify those who will lead from the church and from the marketplace, and the sounds of heaven will be in their songs, in their equippings, in their teachings, and in their counsel.  And by this obedience, many will be delivered from the curses and condemnations of the forefathers.

Behold - Switzerland will be a light that will publicly renew the covenant of faith with Me, and I will be invited by the leaders of the church and of the government to occupy the land, from the mountains, to the valleys, from the banking system into the commerce of the people.  And in this proclamation there will come a new freedom of My Spirit that will refresh, revive, and renew the hearts of the people.  And you will know the prosperity of heaven on this earth.

For I am calling for this greatness of a believing people to come out of hiding, out of the church walls, out of the home, and to become public.  But you must not in any way do this on the strength of the soul or the flesh, but by My Spirit.  For you shall become strong in all that you seek to do and I will be with you.  You must, I say again, you must, remove the ungodly delays that cause many who are My family to say that “we will let it be done by others” when I have called you who hear this message - to arise.

Now watch as I establish a leadership that will be honored, and the people will come forward as the armor-bearers of those who I have destined to lead.  And in the serving, these armor-bearers will be effectively sowing into their own destinies.  For there is a gift in the lands that loves to serve, and in serving one another, there is freedom.  And this freedom is a treasure that will go to other nations.   For Switzerland is not neutral, but on the side of the peace maker that is of heaven.  

Know that as the body of Christ arises into authority that is outside the walls of the gatherings, the culture will be protected from the spirits and curses of other lands that are currently trying to invade this nation.  For the true culture is of heaven, and it will be here!  For I the Lord have spoken this by many.  Hearken now to this cry, and as the saints, speak forth of My promises and My heart.  And the Liberty will arrive on the land by My Spirit with the grace of My Heart.  And you will hear of the cross, the empty tomb, of Liberty, and of Grace.  And this will be the prophetic sign of a great and jubilant inheritance that is to be released on the land.  And it is without delay.  

And the Antioch’s of today, the churches who are city groups, will occur.  For behold, you do not yet even know what this looks like.  But it will be that the cities will be the congregations, and the political leaders of the cities will be in counsel and fellowship with the spiritual father’s of the cities that are trained, ordained, and commissioned by Me for the fulfillment of the prayers that have been brought before me for centuries.  And you will know them by their fruit.  This is the time of bringing the result of the prayers of the saints from the past into bearing results today.  Join with My Spirit, and speak forth the cry of heaven on earth that will show how a romance of true love is the conquering tool that will bring the people out of bondage, ungodly fears, hopelessness, and illegitimacy into adoption, destiny, and a very great future.

Tom commented on 13-Jan-2011 05:08 PM
Amen! Let the roaring of the Lion of the tribe of Judah be heard from the mountains of Switzerland!!!
Anonymous commented on 28-Oct-2011 12:26 PM
My friend was there and he will never forget this country

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