Praying for America Part Two

Friday, January 15, 2016

It is written, “The effective, fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much”. James 5:16

When you and I become born again, and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, we receive “a robe of righteousness and the garment/mantle of salvation” (Isaiah 61:10).

Due to what we are chasing after in regards to bringing America back into the will of Almighty God and His percepts, it is important to have a foundation from which to speak forth.

The reason that I am bringing this up is that when a people start to pray for their nation, the enemy will try and discourage them by first of all saying to the people in their thought-life, “who are you to take on something so large?” 

It is a taunt and it is designed to cause unbelief, or disbelief.  And you would be surprised how many people will think less of themselves and resign themselves to saying, “Well, it must just be God’s will for the way things are.”  And then they stop with any great plans for combating the atrocities of ungodly governments and their political ambitions.

You and I need to realize that when you become part of a planned effort to change a nation, you are entering into a form or warfare.  And if we enter into the fray of spiritual declarations and decrees, we are becoming part of a force to be dealt with.  But we should continually remind ourselves that the battle is to be won, and we are in the business of getting the hearing of the Lord for making a change now.

There is a scripture that says, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities.  For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.” Romans 13:1

People often take this scripture out of context and falsely declare that, “Well, they are the President because it is God’s will.”  Here is the difficulty with saying that phrase and even believing in it.

First of all, God is about righteousness, and about having established on this earth the rules of heaven.  That is why He has commanded us to go to the nations.

Second, while God will give authority for governing a nation to people, He does not interfere with our decisions to vote or not to vote.  He does not allow a leader to come into position just because they are a nice person.  It is very important to realize that when it tells us in the bible that those who exist have been instituted by God, what it actually means is that God is giving to the people what they asked for.

In the election of 2008, did you know that there were over 72 million “born again” registered voters?  But in that election year, because of many leaders speaking from the pulpits that people should not vote, as well as many in the church just being too lazy to go to the polls, only 34% of the registered to vote Christian people cast a decision.

It has been acknowledged that if just 42% of those who were born again and registered to vote had gone to the polls and voted, we would have had a different President.

In 2012, there were 75 million “born again” registered voters.  In that election year, many in the church declared that they could not vote for a Mormon.  I remember being so alarmed by this, that I created a video that spoke out, “We are not electing a Pastor.”

I was so very surprised that so many people, especially pastors or their spouses were declaring that it was just to difficult to accept voting for a Mormon, so they told me that they would not be voting at all.

And in that year of 2012, today we know that only 31% of registered voters that were Christians cast a vote.  And unfortunately, by much of the body of Christ saying they could not vote for a Mormon, (or in truth by their neglect), allowed a person who sides with the faith of Islam to be President.

The point is that the body of Christ has too often stated that no matter if we vote or not, God is in control of it all.

But that is just not true.  If we study the original language of the bible, we would discover that God has actually proclaimed that man, in His image, is in control of the earth and God is in Charge of this planet.  They are two very distinct phrases.  Most of us have been raised with a vague sense that God has everything under control and that everything happens for a reason.  But again, it is neither true nor scriptural.  God’s plan was for men to live righteous lives in a love relationship with Him.

And in that relationship, God as a Father gave to man this planet called earth to rule it, to govern it, and to direct the affairs of State on this beautiful earth with the mind of God.

That is why in the first book of Moses (Genesis), it tells us that God said to be fruitful and multiply (Give Him a bigger family), and to subdue creation and have dominion over every living thing.

This meant that God was telling man that this is His planet, and the He was giving it to mankind to rule His way.

When people ask today, “Why does God allow wars, disease, and premature death?’ – it is not God who has done this.  It is the ruling government of man that has been the cause and effect of what I have stated.

We have war because man has moved away from governing the way that God said to in the beginning.  It is the same with disease. 

We have sickness and disease as a result of sin and its habits, of its rebellion against God.  It was never God’s intention for us to be sick, ill, or have disease.  And it was never God’s desire to have mankind, on this earth, have oppression and poverty.

But he has honored His word that we would be the ones to rule the planet and take control.  And so far, we have not been diligent to be the ambassadors of God, Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost when it comes to governing and being the “Radah”.

But that is going to change.  And you and I are to be vessels to implement this and to correct the improprieties that have been committed.

I wanted to give this small education piece to you because of what we are about to release in the coming days as a unified prayer force.  And I wanted you to have an understanding of what we are going to believe in and pray through.

There are a lot of people who have “volunteered” for the prayer project of saving our nation.  So it has begun.  And I will be posting these declaration and little explanations periodically so as to keep everyone in the loop and in the communication.

I will be posting to Facebook, to www.patholloran.com, and to twitter of what we will be doing.

Thank you again for joining together to pray for the USA!

Tomorrow, we will be declaring the "White House Virus Prayer."

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