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Friday, January 15, 2016

Greetings in Jesus Christ’s Name!

In watching the course of the United States over the last few years, it has become apparent that either the church/ecclesia, or the government has failed in carrying out the responsibility of bringing this great nation to a lifestyle that is in the plan of God for ruling and reigning on earth now.

In the beginning of this nations history, there were certain values that became a foundation by which the founding fathers initiated godliness onto this nation’s initiation.

There was declared that freedom of religion would be made as a basic right. In that freedom, it was declared that the United States of America would be a nation under God.

At that time, when the founding fathers referred to God, it was more about a Supreme Being rather than the God that the Body of Christ calls “Father of Lights.” But the truth is, that in that decree/writing, there came an objective to be free to worship.

You may be surprised to read how much the “anti-god” people make this point that it was not the God of the Christians. And you would also probably marvel at how the people who believe in separation of church and state make this point in their writings.

But the truth is, in the supernatural realms where we as “Blood Bought Saints of God” are to live, this gives us a greater political and protocol right, to harness the beginning of the U.S.A. “under God Almighty.”

And it is in this that I am getting ready to start praying with radical and vehement announcements that Jesus Christ is indeed the Lord of this country and that the God proclaimed in the declaration is indeed our God!

There is so much more we could discuss in regards to this subject. Many people will say that we can even go further back in the history of the colonies to the Pilgrims. But what if I were to tell you that we can go even further back in the history of this nation to an even earlier beginning that was indeed founded on the pursuit of the One True God?

You see, much of our history refers to the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock as the beginning of the European pilgrimage to America. But if you really research and venture into finding out all you can, you would discover that the very first colony of settlers were not the Pilgrims/British, but the French Huguenots who came to Florida and established Fort Caroline.

These people were coming to establish a place where they could worship freely, from the tyranny of the Roman Catholic Church and the persecution and abuse of Rome. They chose to make the journey to America in order to live in their convictions and in their being free to draw closer to God the Father without having to fear that they would be murdered if caught.

And in this, America was first given a righteous foundation that would lay down the groundwork for the church today to live in. As you study the French Huguenots in Florida, you will notice that they declared Holy Ghost to be free, that this was indeed God’s land, and that they were to be the “good stewards” of this land.

It should also be noted that the Huguenots believed that “true repentance consists of a change of heart, a conversion, a return to God. It is a movement initiated by Holy Ghost and not stemming from any bodily fear, chastisement, or sacrifice.”

It can accurately be stated that this was indeed the biblical reformation message. The Huguenots also stipulated that Justification is by faith, not by works. This led to a revival in France that diminished the power of the Roman Catholic Church and its controlling of the people.

It was because of this belief system, the French Huguenots were persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, and it was the reason for them coming to the new world.

Now remember, we are looking at the foundation of this nation and what we can claim today in our being citizens of America. And in this, we must now look at what is going on with our government, and with the outlook of the body of Christ for making an impact and recognize that we have fallen short of being the “Radah” of God for the lands.

You see folks, we were never supposed to be silent in our way of ruling. And it wasn’t designed by God the Father that we should only be heard in churches. We are supposed to be the rulers, the dominion minded people of God who are to rise up and take not only the spiritual authority of the nation, but the governmental power, education, and even media aspects of the nation.

We have seen a magnified degeneration by the political system today. It is from the Democratic and Republican parties. And it is because you and I have not been speaking up as a mighty force and as a majority. We have decided to be in four walls, wait for Jesus Christ to return, and we have discipled individuals instead of the nation.

But I must incur upon these past habits and say that if you and I do not rise up now, not only will there be a shaking to the nation, but to the church and how it operates. And that time is coming so very quickly.

So I have decided to become a voice. It’s not so much about pointing out the wrongdoing of others. In fact, it is about speaking into every situation the righteous decrees of Blood Bought Saints and in this, renounce bad decisions, and replace it with the written word in order to be heard.

You and I are truly the voice that can change God’s mind in regards to a negative outcome due to decisions that have been made and will be made by the current White House administration, as well as those who will be coming into office in the future.

Therefore, I am asking you to join me in changing the nation from where we are today and into the righteousness, power, and love of Jesus Christ that will promote favor with God the Father and of the nations. He alone is the One True God who has given Control of the nation to us, His people. And in this, we no longer must wait for others to rise up and kindle a passion for truth, and for justice.

You and I are tools of the Lord and if we do not become the patriots of Heaven upon this earth, America will go through a time where eventually it will cease to exist as we have known it.

This is the time to pray, as well as join in one accord with others nationally, who will be this heaven responding force now for the sake of the nation. We cannot and must not be lackadaisical anymore in what God wants from us.

You and I are the keys that make change. We have a very important time coming up with the elections this year. And there is a lot of schisms between the body of Christ right now as to who they should vote for and for many, if they should even attempt to vote.

I say that we must and will be the Wind of Change for today. What I will be doing is posting guidelines to pray and prophesy for our “being in one accord.” And in taking Psalm 133:1-3 as a guideline, our purpose will be to speak to the saving of a nation.

If you are interested, join me and together we will be prayer warriors that heal, bring life, and speak of the abundance of this nation “under God.”


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