Prophetic Word for Vermont

Saturday, June 15, 2013

This is more than a season in the history of this region.  It is an eternal decision from the regions of heaven that is released now to the earth realm, to start changing the culture of man into the culture and government of the Lord God Almighty. 

There are some of you who are wondering why God will not let you leave this land and there are others who thought you were to leave this land and have returned and are wondering why.  The Lord has other plans.  It is for those who have been ordained as God’s chosen, who volunteered to go, do and be whatever God wanted.  This is your time.  In your zeal, in your desire to please the Lord, you wanted to go.  He is now taking you at your word.  This is part of you seeing the cost to change the land.  Did you not say, "Not my will, but yours be done, Father?"  

I the Lord am about to bring light into the darkness that has been trying to defile this land, which is my land.  While you are to rule the land, it is still mine, says the Lord. This is the time for it to be mine completely again.  Watch as I expose the plots of chicanery in your capital.  I the Lord am the Father of Lights.  In this time, I have a demand for those who will listen to now take the culture of heaven with the fear of the Lord and decree, march and pursue the righteous root of this land, and in doing so, to honor those that I have placed as generals and commanding officers of a great future to be. Do you not know that those who called this very land on theĀ­ hill of statesmen, knew me, my name, and my will?

In the beginning of this land and its established revolutionary government, there were those among the decreers who knew me, not from their head, but from their heart.  You are the army that I’m now petitioning, to bring this root out of a false burial and in to life once again and up from the grave.  I the Lord command that this state come back to life and up from the grave.  Come up and into the key of opening the realms of the supernatural, and into the key, into the very fabric of the land that is known as Vermont.  This is the destiny that belongs to this land.

Watch as a new group of righteous Ethan Allen’s arise to build and equip my army.  And the Angel of the Lord will accompany this leadership. This is the land of the living and not the land of a dying.  There is a fountain of life in the calling of this land into destiny, and I the Lord will see it. Life will be the call of this region and the selfish ambitions of government will be exposed in order to bring my Spirit into the forefront of the culture.  

Many of you are not my first choice says Lord.   In fact you may be my 10th to 20th of choice, but those that came before you ran in the fear of the battles, so now you are my perfect, my first choice.  You will become a wonder and the state will become a wonder, that people will see when the majority of the population will not be known as Christians, but blood covered, blood bought, true believers.  I the Lord say so. This is the land of my light and of my fire, says the Lord.  I’ve come to bring it back.

I am looking for the scouts who will go through the history of this land, who will start to bring out the roots that have my name on it.  I will then bring the strategies of heaven that come with the tactics of the earth and I shall make Vermont mine, says the Lord.

You will watch as even those who come to the universities will suddenly find me and the curses and the sound waves, the very cursing of people’s destiny that has been over this land shall be stopped in the eternal realms.  It shall be silenced forever and under my feet forever, says the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  It is now the time to find your alignment, to find those leaders that you are destined to support; that you are destined to cooperate with and hold their arms up and protect their back.

Watch in certain lands of this state as healing rooms come up. They will not be what others have done in the past.  There will be a new work. This land is a different culture than other lands.  Do not copy what happens in other lands.  Take and hear what is in heaven by my Spirit and bring it to life.  For the uniqueness of Vermont will affect the waters to the west, the very state of New York, and it will go into the northern land and there they shall start to gather forth that which God first enunciated when the land was settled there. You are a key for what God will graft into this land of the keys from David, to open doors that no man can close and close doors that no man can open. The Lord says, "Welcome to my world.  Welcome to Oikos.  I want my family back," 

by Pat Holloran

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