San Bernardino Critique

Saturday, December 05, 2015

San Bernardino Critique

I have been receiving quite a large number of emails since Wednesday with regard to the question of what are we supposed to do in the light of the events in Southern California and the murder of 14 people?

One of the things that I have noticed in these emails is that there is a large amount of ungodly fear, anxiety (the bible tells us that “anxiety in the heart causes depression), and in particular insecurity.

In particular, many are letting me know that they are realizing that the government is not giving its people the knowledge that its citizens are safe.

In truth, what I am noticing so strongly is that the general population is feeling that particularly the President  and his staff are relatively clueless to what is going on today.

I have to admit; either President Obama and his staff are either into denial of an ISIS threat or existence, or that they do not believe this is a major issue or threat to this country and its people.

He has even been mocked in the media overseas for his statement that the number one threat to America is “Global Warming”.  One Democratic Candidate for President has even gone so far as to say that Global Warming is the cause of terrorism!

Please realize, that when a country finds itself leaderless, the people will entertain the idea that the administration is not capable of protecting you or your children.  And this will become a pattern of thinking quickly that will cross into other circles of the government. 

You see, unfortunately the President and his close advisors have the view that ISIS is not on their planned agenda.  Even though you surprisingly have the FBI saying that last Wednesday’s attack was classified as “terrorism” (Surprisingly because this is not politically correct), the head of the Joints Chief of Staff giving testimony that ISIS is growing and is not contained, and even the secretary of Defense proclaiming that ISIS must be eradicated now, the President is still persisting on saying that it is more about Climate Change and Gun Control.

When the highest authority in the Oval Office downplays these threats, you have a country that will suffer because of inaction as well as misdirection.

One of the things that I found interesting about the President’s reaction to Wednesday’s attacks was that he made another statement about “gun control” and that we need to, as a country, implement stricter gun control laws in order to make people safe.

To be honest everyone, there is no such thing as gun control when it comes to international terrorism.  And that is because ISIS is not a gun control issue! 

What we must start to do as the people of the Most High God is to become even more radical in our thinking than ever before. 

First of all, it is time that we as the body of Christ rise up in making demands in the supernatural realms that are warlike and not peaceable.  The time of being known as a people who turn the other cheek are over.

While we can choose to love those who are against us, in truth, if these terrorists invaded your home, you are not going to welcome them with a kiss, hug, and a meal.  You are not going to shout, “Grace, grace, grace”! 

No, you are going to do whatever it takes to live, to protect, and to win.  And you are not going to have a desire to be politically correct.  Instead, you will want to take action.

So perhaps what we must do today is the following:  First of all, we need to rise up and start to decree that the ungodly fear that is trying to bring people into being reactive must be halted.  To do that, we pronounce with passion, “God has not given us a spirit of fear.  But of power, love, and a sound mind.”

Then we declare the scriptures where we are told that our Father of Lights hides us under the very shadow of His wing. 

Then we imitate what Hezekiah did when Sennacherib came to attack the city with his Assyrian army.  Hezekiah took the written demands of an enemy king, who by the way was going to exterminate almost the entire city, and he presented himself before the Lord.

But rather than beg God to come to his aid, the king spoke to God as the One True God and then told the Lord who He was to the nation (You are the One True God of Israel – even though they were worshipping Baal at the time), and that He was the maker of everything. 

He really went after telling God who He was to him.  And then Hezekiah says, “Now prove Yourself to the world, and handle this, Okay?”

That night, one angelic warrior servant came and slew 185,000 enemy soldiers.  And I believe this angel would have continued to kill even more if God had not stopped him.

This is still available to us today, folks.  But to see the kind of results like this happen, we must rise up as a voice and a majority.  Today is not the time to sleep, nor to hide.

It is the time to roar and to be filled with the zeal of the Lord that not only consumes us, but helps us to come before our God with holy boldness. 

That is the supernatural response.  And in the natural, if it means to be prepared with weapons, (this is our constitutional blessing), then so be it.

The Body of Christ carries a very powerful culture.  It is the government of God the Father upon this Beautiful Earth.  And as His Radah, we have been ordered by the Maker of the universe to arise and to be His active rulers on this planet.  We are not to take a back seat to any culture that is more about self than about community that is righteous.

You and I today have a responsibility to protect one another, as well as preparing and finessing an inheritance for those who will come after us.  Let’s not tarry any longer with fears of the unknown.  But instead be the ones who make all things known by His Spirit.

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