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of a Prophetic Lifestyle "101" April 25, 26, 27 Vero Beach, Florida Hosted by New Hope Ministries & Pastor Nancy Hart | 4425 71st St | Vero Beach, FL 32967 | 772-778-7777 http://goo.gl/maps/qyy2A Pre-registration tuition cost - $35 Tuition cost at the door - $50 This is a school of introduction into being equipped to serve in the prophetic - Classes of Instruction Include: Are There Prophets for Today? - Being Cutting Edge in a Dull Society - Knowing the Fear of the Lord - Prophets are Called to Serve - Armorbearing in Today’s Prophetic - Accountability for What is Spoken - The Importance of Word - What is a Seer? - Studying the Word for Truth - Prophets as an Example to the People - And many more subjects.... http://www.patholloran.com/event-registration/foundations-of-a-prophetic-lifestyle-101-pre-registration

Prophets, Angels

& Principalities May 14,15,16,17 San Diego, California Hosted by Cloud 9 Worship Center & Pastors John & Judy Ross | 8498 Paseo Iglesia | Spring Valley, CA 91977 | 619-479-5012 http://goo.gl/maps/HQHSM http://www.cloud9wc.org/ Speakers: Pat Holloran, Kevin Ford, Wayne C. Anderson The days that we are living can literally be called the days of a supernatural lifestyle. It is the time of learning the value of the history of our lands, coupled with the teams that God has put together to bring His culture to cities, regions, territories, and countries. Much has been misunderstood of the role of the prophet into todays church culture. It is for the nation. And in this gift for the nations, there can come an equipping for knowing the supernatural allies that God has given to His people for taking dominion upon the lands of this earth. And while the primary objective is to make a place for the risen King, there is also the need to know of that which would oppose the blood covered light of the gospel of the Kingdom. The opposition, darkness, is a realm that is full of rebellion, evil, even tradition. And these tools of darkness are lead by a force that is named Principalities. The beginnings of these Principals date back to Genesis chapter six and the resulting “Nephillim” genetic code. This is a revelatory conference intended to equip the saints of God to know the team that God has placed in each persons life, as well as the reasons why. We aim to break the “Nephillim Code” for the release of our lands. In knowing this spiritual strategy, you can learn to withstand not only the attacks of darkness, but how to bring God’s light into every situation.

Reset America!

Voice of the Light Annual Conference August 28-30 Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida http://www.patholloran.com/_blog/HHIM_Blog/post/reset-america/

October 3, 4, 5 New Hope Ministries 4425 71st street Vero Beach, FL Pastor Nancy Hart 772-778-7777 Details to be announced...

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