A View of the Candidates Part One

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

For quite some time, many of you have been asking me what I see with the candidates that are in the GOP and in the Democratic Party that are running for President of the United States.

I have withheld what I see and prophetically perceive until the time was right by what the Lord was leading me to say.

It is not to persuade anyone to my way of thinking. For sure, I do not like to discuss politics in general (especially this time) as discussion shows the true determination of people in their hearts to hold fast to their decisions, no matter the explanations.

Discussing politics can divide the most loving and caring families. I have seen it growing up, especially between my father who was a strong Democrat and his sister, who was an even more staunch Republican. The turmoil of listening to them banter about who was best in government, which was for the unions, who would give us more liberties or who would protect our liberties were argumentative for sure.

And yet, it left a lasting impact on me that I would never in my own household discuss politics in such a way as to change anyone’s mind to the way I was thinking. It’s important to keep the peace in the home.

Anyway, I will be sending out over the course of time what I have given a great deal of thought in regards to each candidate. And while I am sure that many would like to know about all of them, I will only be discussing the top three in the GOP running and the only two in the Democratic Party.

I want to point out that one of the things that has failed to be acknowledged is that not a single one person can save our country. That is important. And yet, many people are talking as if the President of the United States to be is the one and only messiah in regards to saving the country’s Constitutional law, as well as our way of life.

That misnomer has created a false sense of idolatry in the candidates. In truth, not one of the front runners has the plans nor the agenda to help in this manner. You see, for a President to be effective and to be successful, they must be a team builder and not a narcissist or egomaniac.

When you look at some of the greatest Presidents in the history of America, you discover that each one developed a team for counseling the leader, advising on protocols and law, as well as being among the people.

As an example, Ronald Reagan, who many say was the last great President, did not really have any foreign policy experience, nor marketplace ownership. He gained some practical knowledge and fortitude with politics by becoming Governor of California. And yet, he was known to make more errors in judgment than successes in policies.

But with this beginning in politics, he eventually ran and was successful in gaining the office of President.

In campaigning for the office of President, Ronald Reagan openly stated that he was not always an expert on everything. He also acknowledged that he would not be able to achieve everything he wanted if he was always the smartest person in the room.

Reagan knew that the mission and its goal were much more important than his ego. He purposely surrounded himself with expertise in all areas of his life so that he could make informed decisions. He understood that seeking out opinions, expertise, and advice from others wasn’t a sign of weakness. It was strong leadership.

While still governor of California, Ronald Reagan looked for highly successful advisors who shared his vision and were committed to seeing it realized. And most importantly, he wanted people who would be brutally honest with him. This group became known as Ronald Reagan’s “Kitchen Cabinet”.

They advised him throughout his journey to the White House and even helped him choose the members of his first Presidential Cabinet.

The reason that I bring this up is that too many Presidents, and today, too many candidates, are not giving us the benefit of having wise counselors and practical advisors. 
There are those, including the current President, that as a leader (or should that be dictator), think they know best. And because of this attitude of themselves knowing best, they have purposefully been surrounding themselves with “Yes-Men (and Women) in an attempt to validate their ideas and gain consensus.

One of the problems with “yes men” is that they help you to keep your distance from other “experts” in order to ensure that your opinions go unchallenged. What I admire about Ronald Reagan was that he put together a team/cabinet (at the advice of the Kitchen Cabinet people) that would challenge his preconceived ideas and notions and these people shared fresh ideas that Ronald Reagan openly admits were what he had never really considered.

The purpose of bringing this part about Ronald Reagan is to bring to the point that most of the people running for President at this time do not carry the presence of having a gift for developing a “team”. Of all the top candidates, notice how that which is presented is their own plans.

If we were to pick a Team Building President, I would have gone with Dr. Carson. The reason is that he has openly stated his inexperience and his lack of political experience. He actually has a mantle for being in a cooperative team atmosphere. And of course, with his experience in surgery and working with others, this has become evident.
But he is not even close in the running. So who would be a great team builder? Who would be able to recognize that they need a “kitchen cabinet” that are not yes men, but people who support bringing the country out of its “declining” and into prosperity?

This is a very important thought to consider, in who you choose to vote for in the near future. And remember, it is not about - who is a “Christian” and who is not. As I have stated before, we are not voting for a pastor. We are voting for a leader who will come into a position of leading by example what many consider (myself included) to be one of the greatest countries on this planet.

In the coming releases, I would ask you to look outside your perimeter thinking and investigate the facts honestly and through the eyes of a critic or even possibly a skeptic as to what each candidate says (especially the one you have decided upon).

What I want to do is try to objective and factual (as well as thought provoking) to each of you in the coming weeks. Who knows, maybe through the course of the next two weeks, some of those that I would write about will have failed in their pursuit of becoming the candidate of the people and dropped out. If that is the case, then I will not send out what I have prepared with regards to the thoughts that I have.

It is my hope, that you will become aware of the spiritual aspects of this time, as well as the idea of speaking to the Lord on behalf of who you have considered.

You see, in all of the Facebook articles, comments, and publishing, I have not noticed one request for us, as the Blood Bought Body of Christ to pray for the candidates as a whole. In fact, most of what is published are articles of yea or nay for those running. Yet, I have not seen one request or article about the saints of God praying for the people’s candidates of choice. Interesting.

Perhaps many may have forgotten, due to the rhetoric and constant media bombardment, to pray first and then choose a candidate.

I am just sharing these thoughts with you, as we must, in this day, become totally honest with ourselves and with each other. It is only then, that we will be the authoritative people we have been called to be on this planet.

I say again, “One nation, under God!!!”

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