Prayer for Justice in Government

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Declaration for Justice in Government

“Father of Lights, it is written that every good and perfect gift comes from above, from You.  And we have, as your stewards and the Radah of this beautiful earth, declare that we are in an eternal covenant with You through the eternal body of Your Son, our King and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. 

In this eternal thinking, declaring and walking, we are able to exhibit and lift up the power of Holy Ghost who leads us in all truth and prays for us with groanings that cannot be uttered.  And it is in this love of leading us in all truth, that You Holy Ghost have created in each of us, the gift of love.  And this love, which is of the heart of our Father, is magnified through us as we, the body of Christ, come to live and establish the beliefs of our Father.

And in that releasing of the belief system of Almighty God, we also declare that when we have entered into an eternal covenant with You Father, we have received an establishing of the robe of righteousness and the mantle of salvation.  And in these markings, we now have an eternal power to move righteousness into the domain of this beautiful earth.

Now in the reception of having the mantle of salvation, we declare that we who carry the eternal first day daylight in our DNA, the light filled favor of God, now speak out that the Light of God the Father, and the favor of He who speaks and creation happens, is to come upon our cities, our nation, and our political system. 

We enunciate that the intent and purposes that the Father of Lights has designated for us as the eternal body of Christ to walk in, are to now come into the roots and very foundations of the lands, in Jesus Christ name!

Through You, Holy Spirit, and out of the Blood-covered Victory of Jesus Christ, the Son of the one true God, we release into the environment of Washington D.C. and the White House Administration, the Congress, and the United States Supreme Court, and into any network of darkness encumbering their life sphere, the Blood-covered Justice and Judgment of God through Christ Jesus. 

I declare the Blood-covered Light of the truth of God shall prevail and overcome all works of darkness and selfish ambitions, and now it will silence the contrary voices of deception and “blind justice” working within the natural and supernatural realm of the President of the United States, the United States Congress, the White House Administration, and the Supreme Court of this nation and the many councils of government, in Jesus Christ’s Name!!

We speak up that as the anointed kings of the Lord Most High, we command and dismiss the corruption, beguiling, usury, ungodly lobbying, and witchcraft that has come upon the people and the citizens of America and her states, cities, and towns in the natural realms, and it is now to be dismissed and placed under the blood covered judgment of Jesus Christ and under His feet.  For it is written, “all that is named and will be named in the end of the ages, is under His feet.” (Ephesians 1).

And we address the spiritual powers of sorcery that have been utilized by the leaders in politics to cease, stop, and to no longer bear influence upon the minds and personalities of the citizens of America.

Now Father, through the blood of Jesus Christ, which has given us an eternal covenant with you, we release that the blood covered light of God enter into the lives of the citizens of America.  

Father, there is a conflict in our society today that is bringing many of this nation’s citizens to be afraid of what is coming and to not trust in our leaders.

We take authority now in the name of Jesus Christ that faith will triumph now over fear, joy over sorrow, peace over worry, and a good word over depression and anxiety in the heart, and command all that is evil to not harass, torment, or give power to any false faith that would produce chronic stress that would try and break down the defensive immune system and the thought life of this nation’s people.

It is written, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”  We need to have the release of Your joy in our lands and nation now Father.

We must have the culture of heaven go outside the walls of the church and invade our nation.  We repent Father that the ecclesia has not been obedient to disciple the nation.  We have stayed in four walls and become a sub-culture.  But this day, we arise as the true representatives of heaven on this earth and we make a manifested choice to carry out the dominion of the saints in our lands.

This day, we – the Bride of Jesus Christ - make a free choice to again become Your voice, Your oracle, Your justice.  We will be that which You called us to be from the very beginning and we will make a difference.

You see Father, there are those in office now who are portraying this great nation as being led by those who are not carrying an authority that is of the culture of heaven on this earth.  And it is because of what we the church failed to do in obeying your words.  But again today, we repent for the past now and we will begin to be Your “radah” in leading the nation to its destiny.

And in that obedience and in that authority from You Father of Lights, we say that there are those who have misrepresented this nation and its people and we declare that this must now stop.

I now ask You my Lord to cover this great nation and its citizens, and fill up their eternal atmosphere in the magnified Blood covered love, hope, faith, mercy, grace and favor of God.  I set before the paths of America, the manifold graces of God so that each day, there will be results that bring in an increase of God’s eternal blessing and favor on, in, and through them in the Magnified Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And now, may the many Blood-covered, anointed blessings of Christ be upon America, its wonder-filled people, and their destinies today.

May Holy Ghost open the eternal spiritual eyes of the body of Christ so they can see through the Eyes of the Lord, the quantum world they will travel through.  As they travel, I send the Word, covered in the Blood of Jesus Christ, the King of kings, ahead of them, (Psalm 139:13-18; Deuteronomy 28:1-14,) so when they arrive at these Words, they will discover many revelations of God and His purposes for destiny activation and to relieve the cry of groaning that is coming from creation. 

We also declare that what God puts together, not only in marriage – but in church family, in friendships, and in relationships, that no one will separate it.  And in all of this, the church will accomplish an open door from God that is to establish a dominion by the saints.


I ask you Lord to remove all ungodly connections, all ungodly alliances, all hexes, vexes, false prophecies, ungodly intercessions, false voices that speak into the gift of discernment, and all evil - by this Blood covered declaration- and speak out that GOD forbids it to manifest against America and its destiny!!!

Also, any violations of this declaration trespassing against God’s appointed and anointed – now therefore are forbidden!

Father, it is written – “When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices, and when the wicked perish there are shouts of gladness. By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted,…” (Proverb 11:10-11)

In this declaration we announce, decree as established, that the righteous will rise up now, and be a voice and sound of Almighty God the Father for what this land desires and  needs now for the sake of a Kingdom of Heaven upon this earth. 

And in this voice, the soundwaves of the eternal lights of the first day of “light be” and the speaking of “it is good” is now the establishing for the favor of God, as well as His belief system.  And in this we honor that intent of the voice of our Father, will place the government upon the shoulders of Y’shua ha’ Machiach ben Yehovah.  And now I celebrate the victories, the testimonies, and the honoring of our Lord in the United States of America, its citizens, and the purposes of God in their lives, in Jesus Christ’s Name! Amen!

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