Are We Entering Into World War III?

Saturday, November 21, 2015
-Pat Holloran  

One of the jobs that I had when I was in the Army was that of Order of Battle Analyst.  
The job was to study military situations, analyze enemy locations and offer an informed military battle plan to counter the enemy positions as well as gather Intel.
The Intel was done through Clandestine operations, as well as using interrogation, imagery of aerial photos, Sensors, etc...
I was very good at what I did, and in fact, our unit was the number one Order of Battle Section in all of the U.S. Military.
With that background, I would like to offer a small  analysis of some current events.
The recent Paris Attack is directly tied to events in Syria and Iraq.
Also, I do not believe that there was in truth an intelligence failure as even Iraq's Intelligence Department offered a warning to France just days earlier (source: Jerusalem Post - 15 Nov 2015; Sputnik News.com 15 Nov 2015).
Point in fact is that any one of us would be able to speak out that - this attack was the result of the Political People in the west not recognizing that Radical Islam has declared war against us.
After going to the Lord about what has been happening (i.e. the Russian Airliner blowing up; The Paris attack; The University murders in Kenya April, 2015), I have come into a conclusion that we may actually be in the beginning of World War III.  
But this war, which is between Radical Islamists (aka - Jihadists/ISIS/ISIL/al-Qaeda) and the western thinking civilizations, is a direct attack against those countries who refuse to give up their faiths, religions, and culture, and accept the values and political demands of Mohammed.
Once again the troops of America, and other nations with their military armament will go into battle.  And more than likely, it will be in Syria and in Iraq to start.  
It will be very ferocious and you can be sure that there will be many innocent casualties, as this time there will be political bias and public pressure to go in strong.  The "Shock and Awe" of the past will be miniscule by comparison.
It is then that the battlefield will go to Africa, and wherever else ISIS and Al-Qaeda is fighting.  Of course that will entail Asia as well.  
I also have to wonder how the Navy will be commissioned in different seas such as the Mediterranean, parts of the Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.  I say this because of the potential of Jihadists taking to the seas to do battle as well.
But unlike other wars, I also believe that in this war, depending upon governmental heads and leaders, you will see an increased security presence at the border crossings of the countries who allow, support, and harbor radical Jihadists.  
I do not think that it will be by your usual government agencies; but by Military Police, Special Forces units, and the Intelligence Community, who will be maintaining these points of entry.
One of the things about terrorism, as you know, is that they always look to attack targets that are easy to afflict, hurt, or murder.  Their tactics are more about mental victories that quite honestly require a minimal effort on their part. 
I was reading in several news agencies of how there are some victories in Iraq that the Iraqi army is defeating ISIS.  Much of this is not reported in the U.S. News, for whatever reason.  If you want to realize the significance of these defeats to ISIS; it is because these defeats are happening where the radical Jihadist's were told by Imani's to establish an Islamic Caliphate.  So the resulting defeats are an embarrassment to the religious leaders of Jihad.
I think that this is why we will see a stepping up of attacks against Europe and perhaps into Canada and America.  One battle tactic that is used throughout history when an offensive is stalled, is to send special units (spies/insurgents) into the enemy places and as a "sapper" (sabotage agents), disrupt the supply lines, the citizens moral, and cause people in "safe places" to doubt that they are free from retaliation.
When you think about WWII and the allied bombings on Japan and Germany, the psychological effect created such a demoralization of the citizenry, that people started to question the causes of their leaders.  
When you study some of the Jihadist thinking, the biggest part of their distain and contempt for Europe still hinges on the three Crusades where the continent joined together in the name of the Church to battle the Islamic Armies for Jerusalem.  And that feeling of not eliminating Europe as a Christian Continent back in the middle ages is still a precursor today for Jihadist thinking.
I propose that in the future, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, will create many more attacks on the "rear" lines of the countries that are a major obstacle to their culture mentality.  
I received some photos from a friend who is in the border patrol.  In the photos, he made the comment to me that the first "batch" of Syrian Refugees had arrived in America.  All of these refugees were men.  No women, and no children. 
From the many emails that I have received from people in Germany and Poland, this was the most common statement by all of them as well.  The majority of arrivals into these countries are men.
And with this attack in Paris, it was reported in the media that one of the attackers was a "refugee" who had recently arrived.  It makes me wonder what situation America and other countries are in right now with other secret ISIS and Al-Qaeda agents posing as refugees.  
Like any "rear echelon" mission, there is the requirement of organization (ammunition, contacts, gathering intelligence, and even recruiting).   These types of activities take time, planning, and rehearsals.   Then the strike force moves on a marked time into action.
When you look at Israel, it is important to notice that when their intelligence reveals a threat, their military and counter-terrorism units, which are on alert 24 hours a day, move into action where applicable.  
This has been allowed due to the political leaders of the country enacting laws that protect the borders.  This should, although it is not yet happening, occur in the United States, Canada, and other nations.  When the borders are watched with strength, a policy of security reassures the citizenry that they are safe.  
There is for sure a war happening today that is between a Jihadist Islam Murdering Fundamental Belief System, and the Western Civilization.  
It is for sure a time when the Blood Bought Saints of God must arise from a slumber, and start to not only increase their prayers for nations, but also to join with one another in discovering specific prayer targets that will bring leaders together with an effective plan of military thinking.  And in this, the body of Christ will start to become an army itself that not only defends the homefront, but sends forth the supernatural to intervene by God for this planet.
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