View of the Candidates - Donald Trump

Friday, March 04, 2016

View of the Candidates – Donald Trump

As previously stated in that last newsletter/blog, I am attempting to be objective and also at the same time look at each Candidate with the eye of a critic as well as that of a skeptic.

I will be sharing what I have seen both practically and supernaturally.  I really want it understood that I am not campaigning for anyone at this time.  I am instead attempting to make aware truth as well as spiritual awareness as to how we as the Blood Bought Saints Of The Most High God can pray in order to have an Ecclesia choice for the nation.

In no way am I going to persuade you to choose my way.  I am just submitting what I believe needs to be made in order for each of us to determine who will be the true team builder as President.

The first choice in this viewing of candidates is Donald Trump.  It is rather obvious that he is becoming a first choice candidate at this time due to his understanding of what to say and what to promote that is of the “heart of the people.”

By this I mean, that Donald Trump is understanding the correct vocabulary and vernacular to launch out in, that would get the people to gather and be revolutionary to a small degree against the established parliamentary buddy – buddy system of the “good ol’ boys.”

It is important to realize that no matter who is the next President, we must pray for them to be the greatest choice so far in our country’s history.

Now it is also important to ask yourself the following question: “Why is it that Donald Trump is running for President?” 

I have asked that question as well.  You see, it is rather obvious that Trump has a very nice life.  He has, from what I have heard on the media, beautiful homes, created nice gold courses, has a personal jet, and as a billionaire, really can perhaps say that “life is good.” 

Yet, he is willing to run for an office that no doubt offers less money than what he annually makes.  Where tension and graft run amuck.  And where for sure the population will more than likely, in time, turn on him.  The last statement I take from President John F. Kennedy, who while in office said one day as he was walking in the city, “Imagine that out of all the people that are here in the downtown, 3 out of 5 hate me.” 

Being President is for sure, a position that does not offer much popularity in the long run.

I will say on behalf of Donald Trump, that a quality that I do see is that he is willing to do all of this because he obviously loves America.  So to that, I have to say – “kudo’s” to him for this.

There is something that I also find in an observation of this man running that is a marvel to me.  It is the media.  I find it interesting that the Super Pac, almost every news media, and Lobbyists, are opposed to this man and his breaking the mold of the “good ol’ boys” venue for politics being a profession. 

Why is it so important that many news agencies are creating so much fiction about the man?  And why is it that many news reporting media’s are so adamant to promote others, but not the front runner?

It has been a major surprise to realize that it has been reported that more than half of registered voters who say they are “Christian” (I think the better word here would be ‘Evangelicals’) are supporting Mr. Trump.

I think it may not be about trust for him, as much as there has arisen a particular disdain for the Republican Party and the ‘Old Cronies” Establishment.

And I can see why he is gaining popularity.  After-all, how many have been elected that claimed to be conservative, or Christian, but when they were voted in by the people and went to Washington, they acted like any other ‘professional’ politician.  By that, I mean that they lost touch with the people who have a value system based upon their understanding of how life should be in the U.S.A.

Now let’s talk first of all about the statement from “the Donald” about him being a Christian.  I would rather say that he is more of a “Church” person than a walking disciple of Jesus Christ.

Many people have sent me articles and interviews where he says he had a coming to the Lord, and that he has been around some established Christian leaders.

While this may be spoken in the physical, it is important to know a person’s heart/true intent for what they say.  Is it for truth or is it for gaining votes?  You see, as a Born Again Believer, we should support Israel as a country.  As a True Believer, you and I have an answering to the Lord for how we view this protocol and of how we let it be known. 

Looking at the facts, it can be noticed that Donald Trump will flip flop depending on who is interviewing him and what the majority of the viewing audience will be.  Allow me to explain.

In a recent appearance at Liberty University, where Donald made the slip of 2 Corinthians (most of us know it as Second Corinthians), he pledged his support for Israel as 100%.

But I did see an interview of Donald Trump with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC previously where he stated that the best position in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian situation was to strongly remain neutral. 

So I was surprised to hear this.  It made me wonder if he was conveniently moving with the preference of the viewing audience and not from a point of personal conviction.

Now realize that the issue in not whether Donald Trump is a True Believer.  The question at hand should be asked, “What are his true positions?”  Also, when we see his speeches and his interviews, are we hearing the desired message of the people watching?

I have noticed on numerous occasions of how Donald Trump gives either unclear answers of position or he speaks out tentative solutions to what is being asked.  By this, I mean that many question and answer times appear to be in the “middle of the road”, rather than to the left or the right.

Please remember that we are all getting ready to vote for who will be the leader of this great country.  We need the one that will have a voice among other international leaders and who will triumph the cause for justice and for capitalism. 

Another point that I think is worth mentioning is the statements made from Donald Trump about Muammar Qaddafi, the deposed dictator of Libya. 

During one of the recent debates, it was brought up by one of the opponents to Trump that in 2011 he was in favor of overthrowing Qaddafi and his regime because it was a place where thugs and murderers were being dispatched to the world.

His exact words in 2011 were, “Now we should go in, we should stop this guy, which would be very easy and very quick.  We could do it surgically, stop him from doing it (murdering people), and save these lives.”

And yet, as recently as last month, he came out and said that to take out Qaddafi was a mistake and it should never have happened.  When confronted about this statement, as well as what was previously stated by him in 2011, he said that he never said America should take out Qaddafi.

This is a matter of record.  Now the difficulty is that we, as the voting public/voting police, should ask ourselves, “which is it Donald”?

You see, my question would be to him, is it ungodly absentmindedness, or is it a twisting of intent?  If it is a memory problem, that I would have to say that if he is forgetting that which was spoken only 5 years ago, what would he forget today in the making of promises to the voting people?  Is it convenient or is it (facetiously) opportunity?

We do not want a leader who is “tossed to and fro as the waves upon the water.”

Now granted, I do believe people can change their viewpoints authentically.  They can also have a re-defining of worldview.  That’s what happened to each of us when we came to know Jesus Christ as our King of all kings.  We went from a secular/worldly system into a Kingdom of heaven worldview.  And it was very dramatic.  So I can honestly say that everyone can change their views from what they thought of years earlier.

Now when you look at how Donald Trump responds to people who challenge him, that is another subject

In the beginning, both Cruz and Trump were congenial towards each other.  But when it became clear that Cruz was in danger of being overrun by Donald in the polls, Cruz became an attacker.  But before this happened, I was actually happy to hear the good things that Donald Trump said about Cruz. 

In one interview, Trump was asked about Ted Cruz and what did Trump feel about him.  Donald Trump responded and said, “He (Cruz) has a wonderful temperament, he is just fine.”  In fact, some in the media were talking about the uniqueness of the two when they were together.  But as I said, when Ted Cruz went on the assault, Donald came back with, “He’s a maniac.”  Then later, Donald stated that Cruz was just “Plain Nasty. He is a liar.  He is a hypocrite.”

Now it’s not the idea of changing an opinion that I want to bring up here.  It is the way in which, when attacked, he wanted to not only defend himself, but Donald Trump wanted to make sure that the verbal assaults from his own mouth would create an open contempt for the accusing candidate(s). 

What is also related is the statement that Trump said about if any media slanders him or “openly disagrees” (his words) with him, he will pursue legal litigation.  It is necessary to tell him to be quiet and to inform him, we have this wonder-filled document named the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech).  And as far as I know, while I think the media is full of vipers and people of selfish ambitions and selfish points of view, in America they can still express their voice.

Now with the matter of his vocabulary; I am not opposed to people with strong language.  But I do believe that if you are going to be a representative of the people, you should have a large degree of couth, and an even greater respect for others publicly. 

Quite literally, in a majority of speaking engagements, Donald has used the words, “s**t, h**l, and even one f**k.  All you have to do is look at the transcripts of his speeches.  While I am sure it was not in his notes, it burst out of him.  This is unacceptable for any leader. I realize that probably no one in the world has a perfect and clean mouth.  But it should be kept to a minimum.

Now the reason that I am bringing up the negative is that we must ask ourselves if this is an example of what we want our leader to be like?  And if so, how does it benefit our own way of government?

There are some who have prophetically stated (I think quite foolishly), that Donald Trump is of the Lord and that he is the shofar of God in this time (others have words similar to this).  Many people have taken this as an endorsement to vote for Donald. 

Now again, I am not saying to not vote for Donald.  But it is very clear that we know prophetically what a shofar is in politics.  It is an instrument.  It is a sound.  It is an initiator.  It can be an alarm.

And for sure, Donald Trump is all of these.  He has brought to the American public the voice of one crying in the desert.  He has spoken what many citizens of the U.S.A. have been speaking at their dinner tables and at their workplaces.  Donald Trump has awoken a slumbering people to come out against an unholy and politically charged (may I say albeit) agenda of filthy lucre and contempt for the will of the people.  And for this, I applaud him.

But please realize that a shofar has a source that blows the wind into it.  And that source is the cause or breath of life.  While we can all be instruments, the real one to look for is the one doing the blowing.  So when some prophets say, “Trump is God’s choice because he is the shofar,” I have to say – “back up and find out which spirit told you that.” 

If those who are saying, “Thus says God…” would perhaps re-examine their vocabulary, I submit that it would be much better to declare that Trump could be a herald. 

And while I am on this subject, let me quickly give out a warning.  There are many believers who are saying that Trump is a Cyrus.  To declare this openly is to curse him with our soundwaves.

Remember that the bible says, “Cyrus did not know God.  But God called him His friend.” Isaiah 45.

When we give titles to people that are from the bible, we can actually curse them to have the very same events come into their lives.  To state that Trump is a Cyrus is to verbally curse him from ever getting into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  You see, while we may think that it is good to classify someone with a successful person from the bible, perhaps we really need to examine why we would do this.

It’s like calling someone a Joseph.  Yes, Joseph became the richest man in Egypt, and he even gave part of his wealth to Pharaoh so that the monarch of Egypt would be happy.  But what about the trials that Joseph when through before coming into that wealth?  Do we really want those we love to go through the betrayals, the false accusations, and jail time like Joseph?  No.  So let’s look for other descriptive words to announce about people.

Now back to Donald Trump.  Perhaps the greatest attribute that he has is that he can be free from the lobbyist, and other manipulators of government as he has an accumulated wealth already.

Second, he would be good for the economy of America because most of his holdings in business are in the U.S. So that would be an incentive to pursue making the dollar more effective in the world market.

Also, it should be noted that if he were to be the choice of the people, he would do what appears to be strong and for the people in the first part of his initial year of office.  But I have to ask this: would he then exhibit a different behavior like that of what was on the campaign trail?

I am not convinced that he is who he says he is.  There are a lot of variables that I see with him.  And these bring me to be cautious and to make sure that he is not making a kool-aid for America to drink. 

But realize that I feel this about all of the leading candidates in this election.  It’s a good thing that I don’t like kool-aid!

There are questions that I have to wonder about in my praying and seeking the Lord’s help on this election.  I could go on about the spiritual aspect of all of this, but perhaps that will be for a later time.

One thing for sure is that Donald Trump has become a spice of life for all of us, whether we want him to be or not. 

I am quite sure that I will stir up a lot of thoughts and emotions with this article.  Realize that I am not opposed to him.  I am just saying that in my opinion, his bad outweighs the good that I need to see.

If he were to engage in selecting a strong cabinet and to deny his own feelings of having yes people around, I think that he could effectively surprise everyone and be a world leader.  But no matter what, it must have prayer and it will have to be quite literally as much as possible.  Maybe he is the one to wake up the church to intercede and engage with heaven in order to “Make America Great Again.”

Or maybe his way of thinking will bring us back to our living in the original format of the Constitution of the United States.  Time will for sure tell.

I want to conclude this newsletter (I will place this statement with all the candidate articles) that is from Dutch Sheets.  I am not enclosing all that he has suggested, as it can be politicizing.  But there are keys here to examine.  I am also changing some words of what he has sent out.

From the desk of Dutch Sheets:

Regarding the upcoming elections, prayerfully agree with me that:

  • We vote for a person of decency and honor (integrity matters)
  • We vote for someone that cannot be bought or sold (crony capitalism is evil)
  •  We don’t jump from the frying pan of failed government to the fire of another chameleon who changes colors at will (the political spirit)
  • We remember that not everyone in Washington DC has been part of the problem—be wise and discerning (God has been sending some good men and women to DC)
  • We vote for humility (which God exalts), morality and righteousness (which exalts a nation)
  • We choose substance and specific ideas over shallow rhetoric, fame, showbiz events and exciting promises (does anyone remember ’08?)
  • We vote for a someone who will openly and strongly support the constitution (it was born through prayer and based on scripture)
  • We remember that we are also voting for the next 2-3 Supreme Court Justices, who will undoubtedly shape our nation and lives for decades! (they could possibly do more good or bad for our nation than the next president)
  • We vote for an uncompromising, consistent, radically pro-life person (we MUST have this)

Be very careful. Pray. Listen to your heart where Holy Spirit lives. I promise you—we’re voting for the destiny of our nation.

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