View of the Candidates - Marco Rubio

Sunday, March 06, 2016

View the Candidates – Marco Rubio

Greetings!  The next candidate that I will be taking a view of is Senator Marco Rubio, from Florida.

Again, I am not publicly endorsing any Candidate with these newsletters.  I am trying to offer a perspective that is supernatural and hopefully provoking you to think on these things.

I also want to take time to thank all of you on our list that are not living in America, but you are thanking me for the information so that you can intercede for our nations.  To all of you, it is really great that you would care so much for the nation that Valeria and I call home.  So again, thank you so very much!

Marco Rubio is a first term U.S. Senator who really has, for the most part, experience on the local government level as a city commissioner, and as a Senator in Florida.  He has also served the state of Florida as the House Majority Speaker. 

What I find in my research about Marco Rubio is his constant affiliation with political powers of the GOP.  He has, from his initial experience in politics, been in partnerships with different levels of GOP leadership. 

From his times in city government, to the Florida state legislature, to the Federal level, he has been introduced to and sought out those of influence in the Republican Party. 

Now notice that this is not an attack.  But it is a fact that cannot be ignored.  The reason for this statement is that due to the political system of the current Republican Party Good Old Boys Club, (that is based on manipulation and control – as well as ignoring the wishes of the people who elected them) we now have a system that is not for the people, but for political masters ideals (my term for them) instead of benefitting the citizens of the nation.

And in trying to gain momentum to his political career, Marco Rubio has sought out the connections of this group in order to increase his authority and influence.   Now again, realize that is a personal observation.  But the facts are there for anyone to research.

You see, in the very beginning of his political steps into government, Marco Rubio was known to be able to be a mender of local government.  He was not so concerned about his being right, as he was about getting all who were concerned about city government to the table for dialogue.

And again, as you research this gift, you also discover that he attempted to do this as the House Majority Speaker in what I will term as the Florida State Parliament. 

He would set up policies that when initiated, were commended because this attempt to heal the differences of the Democratic, Republican, and Tea Party officials actually did bring about some remarkable solutions.

When Jeb Bush, the governor of the state in that time finished his term in office, Marco Rubio invited several members of that former leader to join with him as staff and offer counsel to continue the plans and vision set up by the former Republican governor.

I think that this is a remarkable gift, especially because of the current state of the Federal level of government officials today.

But something has changed in this time.  And instead of becoming a potential “repairer of the breach”, Rubio has joined with one particular side of government that brings division and manipulations.

I would really enjoy sitting with Marco Rubio and watching what type of soundwaves come out of his mouth.  In fact, I would personally like to do this with all of them.  It would probably surprise many of them if they were to have someone in that moment say to them that they were not telling the truth or exaggerating the facts.  

For sure, you do not need to be a prophet to realize that Marco Rubio is a GOP supported candidate that has been groomed for being an up and coming new voice, as well as a new face for the next generation of politicians that will carry out a professional politician lifestyle.

What I find very offensive in the campaign and verbiage of Marco Rubio is the way in which he attacks most of the other front-runners in this campaign. 

I am sure that most of you have realized the constant statements of the candidates and their choice of it always being “I”.  I will do this, I will enforce this, I will, I will….

But especially in the case of Marco Rubio, as we hear “I will…”, have you realized that his solutions, potential policies, and vision sowing are more of a rhetoric of the Mitch McConnell’s, John Boehner’s, and Paul Ryan’s of the Republican Party?

In each case, he has responded with old visionary quotes, as well as trying to give answers that would reveal any weaknesses that he has in the opposite direction towards his fellow candidates.

It is also very interesting that when Donald Trump issues an idea (such as immigration and the wall), or Ted Cruz speaks of a revelatory point that is new, Rubio all of a sudden echoes the same subjects in the next 24 hours and tries to make it appear that he was the first one to bring up the points. 

This is problematic, as it reveals an insecurity that should not be about always presenting yourself as the frontrunner.  When someone else initiates a great idea, give  credit to them.  But then, if you so desire – deepen the subject and the policy making or solutions ideas.

His recent comments that are more “locker room” dialogue of a high school student, makes me realize that there is a great lack of respect, honor, and integrity at this time in his heart. 

The attacks of this young man are vile, and contemptuous.  When he is confronted by reporters, you can tell that he has rehearsed answers that offer no depth, but rely on people not researching what he is stating.

From what has been observed lately in interviews and campaign speeches, it is obvious that Marco Rubio has not allowed his true self to become evidenced by the people.  But instead, he is, for the sake of a position, losing his character that he did exhibit in the Florida legislator as a contributor to bringing all different party officials to the table.

Now realize that it must be obvious to you, that I do not hold the candidate in high esteem.  I almost detest the lack of integrity that is being displayed by him.

In the beginning, I had a hope that this young man would come into the candidacy with the intent of what he did in Florida.  That he would be a vision caster, as well as potential healer for the nation.  But I have seen the potential of what he could carry degrade into being a regurgitating of the old time GOP.

As an example, I am impressed with how several people are speaking as being Christian. But again, in most cases of those running for President, it is very minimal. 

When you are claiming to walk with Jesus Christ, then it is imperative that you exhibit this behavior and lifestyle to everyone. 

Most certainly, this is not the case with Marco Rubio.  But in fact, it is the same with almost every candidate.  To put it more simply, going to church no more makes you a Christian than going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger.

It has become very apparent, that in this time of campaigning, the candidates are pursuing the evangelical votes.  Thus, many of them are referencing that they go to church.  Or some quote scripture.  But in truth, I must say that it is a mistake to elect someone based upon their perception or declaration of being a Christian.  The proof is in carrying out the talk and character of someone representing the Kingdom of God upon this earth. 

But again, we are not electing a pastor.  We are electing a President.  And while a True Christian or True Believer in the office of President would hopefully give the nation a head start in walking in the moral laws of God, it so far has not been strongly exhibited by recent representatives of the position.

Marco Rubio has a unique personality and gift to be a mender.  He has to potential to rise up as a leader who can bring about remarkable change to our culture. 

But you must ask yourselves if he has “sold out” to the ideals of position and selfish ambitions, rather than enunciating the opportunity for governmental reformation?

Finally, as a leader of a nation, you must be able to bring together people of wisdom and good conscience who will not only be advisors, but the person putting the potential counselors together must be able to take that wisdom that is being offered.

The bible tells us that in the counsel of many, you wage war.  It is a true statement for our nation and for each candidate to consider in the days ahead.  While Marco Rubio has exhibited this in the past, today it has gone to the wayside. 

Again, I am sure that I am provoking some who are reading these newsletters.  Some may view what I give on their potential candidate choices as attacks.  But truthfully, the whole purpose is cause each and everyone of us to come to our Lord and to earnestly seek Him for the sake of our nation. 

In conclusion, I am again enclosing the prayer targets sent out by Dutch Sheets to the people of America.

God Bless you as you go to our great King for wisdom to be your sister, and understanding to be your nearest kin.


Harvest House International Ministries


From the desk of Dutch Sheets

Regarding the upcoming elections, prayerfully agree with me that:

  • We vote for a person of decency and honor (integrity matters)
  • We vote for someone that cannot be bought or sold (crony capitalism is evil)
  •  We don’t jump from the frying pan of failed government to the fire of another chameleon who changes colors at will (the political spirit)
  • We remember that not everyone in Washington DC has been part of the problem—be wise and discerning (God has been sending some good men and women to DC)
  • We vote for humility (which God exalts), morality and righteousness (which exalts a nation)
  • We choose substance and specific ideas over shallow rhetoric, fame, showbiz events and exciting promises (does anyone remember ’08?)
  • We remember that we are also voting for the next 2-3 Supreme Court Justices, who will undoubtedly shape our nation and lives for decades! (they could possibly do more good or bad for our nation than the next president)
  • We vote for an uncompromising, consistent, radically pro-life person (we MUST have this)
  • By God’s grace we end up with a praying, moral, humble, honest and wise person in the White House

Be very careful. Pray. Listen to your heart where Holy Spirit lives. I promise you—we’re voting for the destiny of our nation.

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