Voting To Make Our Voices Heard

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

So now that the Iowa Caucus has ended, we see a startling aspect of the responsibility of the body of Christ to become active in politics.  And the news is already reporting about turn-outs in many of the precincts of Iowa by evangelicals that made the difference.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, and in obedience to what God has called us to do as His representatives, His “Radah” on this earth, we must come out of the four walls of the church and make our voices, our culture, and our morals known.

While it is evident that in Iowa, the body of Christ made a choice to speak up, we are hearing in other states of how people in the churches are actually saying, “I am a Christian, and I do not want to get involved in all the political muck and mud slinging.”  Please allow me to speak to this and perhaps give to each of you some information that you can share with those who may be thinking about not voting.

I believe that there is a need to tell people that if they do not vote, it is a neglecting of our God given blessing to speak up and make a decision for the sake of a nation according to the dominion calling that our Father in Heaven has ordered of us. 

Too often we are hearing in the current state of affairs of the church, that we should be more concerned about how the Church goes about its daily activity in its own four walls. 

But you and I need to be a voice that tells the people inside the four walls of the church organization to wake up and become responsible for discipling this nation (actually all nations).

I will call the following, “the Christian Worldview.”  For the most part, the values of the body of Christ are pretty unified.  The majority believes that we should help the poor, maximize our personal freedom to worship, make our families strong, protect the unborn, and love one another.  That is a kind worldview.

But many times, the worldview of the church does not involve being active in the culture of today.  It does not see a need to be a voice for others to hear on the matters that are “non-church.” 

However, if we look at the commands of God in the bible, we will all discover that there is no such thing as a matter that is non-church (or non-ecclesia).  The reason I say that is because you and I have been ordered to be the culture, the main thinkers, and the bold movers in society.  We have not been called to be the “sub-culture” that lets others make the major decisions or policies for the rest of the nation.

I want to propose something that is outlandish to all of us.  If every blood bought, born again, registered voter would cast their ballot, do you know that our country would be entirely different today?  If in every election process, whether it had been local, state, or federal, if the saints of God would have voted, with our worldview in mind, what would be great about America today?  Everything!!!

It’s time to get off of our “fifth point of contact” and start to make a move towards being the culture that puts God’s values and morals into our government.

It is about pushing one another to cast a vote.  It is no longer about being “fed up” and choosing to sit things out.  It is about being “fed up with the FED” and deciding to make a voice known that is for righteousness and justice.

Again, think about what this nation and many nations would look like today if the body of Christ decided to actually vote this year!

I want to share one more thing about this for now.  Have you ever considered the scripture, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”?  What does that truly mean?

Many people say that it is about taxes.  But what if it is much more.  What if it is about casting a vote as a member of the populace?  What if it means to help improve our nation by being responsible enough to give a voice to our government that says, “here we are and we have something to say?  To give to Caesar can mean to speak up on behalf of a nation in order to see the favor of God the Father come to it.

Please consider this final thought for now.  What would it be like if all 70 million United States evangelical people decided to get out and vote this year?  What if the 70 million “God Fearing” people rose up and said “this is my voice.  Listen!”

And it wouldn’t be about electing a “Christian” President.  Instead, it would be someone with the biblical values that could stand in the public system and be faithful to press forward.

I want to tell each and everyone of you that today, we have the greatest ability to determine the course of America’s future and it will be one vote at a time.

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