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Pat & Valeria Holloran

For over 3 decades, Pat & Valeria have been ministering internationally as seasoned prophets of God.  Specifically, Pat is uniquely anointed with a profound gifting of a seer/prophet....  He has a unique ability from the Lord to see the supernatural realms with his natural eyes in his everyday life (giving greater gifts of discernment to all that hear him)!

Pat is an anointed speaker & author; He brings "cutting edge" teaching & impartation  for God's people!  He is called to sound the alarm and awaken the Body of Christ to step into their God-given dominion authority and to reflect the culture of heaven upon this earth!  He has a passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a fervent desire to discern and herald God’s voice to prepare the Bride of Christ to establish the Kingdom of God's advancement in the earth!

Pat's prophetic words--- life-changing, encouragement, & exhortation for individuals, churches, regions and nations --- are documented globally for their precision, accuracy, humor and transformational power.  Supernatural demonstrations of the miraculous, including physical & emotional healing, deliverances, signs & wonders, follow him wherever he goes, revealing the loving heart of our Father God, glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ, releasing the freedom & gifts of Holy Spirit; and helping to establish True Believers in their destiny, gifting's & identity!

This ministry also equips the Saints to know the destiny of the Land they live on for the Glory of the Lord.   The ministry has a calling to bring the Body of Christ into becoming generationallyminded and to prepare the generations to move in the freedom & authority of God's Word!

Pat & Valeria are the founders of Harvest House International Ministries; an apostolic-prophetic ministry for the equipping of warriors & worshipers. Pat has authored many books that are translated into many languages to reach many different cultures!  Pat & Valeria as a couple co-labor as part of the Apostolic Directors of International Apostolic Ministries. 

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