Our Assignment

How do we walk with Kingdom Authority as the Lord as spoken to mankind? To answer this correctly, Harvest House International Ministries has chosen to be on the "cutting edge" of the supernatural lifestyle.  As a true seer, spiritual father and mother, and with fresh revelations by the Spirit of God, Pat and Valeria bring by the Lord an authority for the supernatural realms, as well as knowing this dimension of being imitators of Jesus Christ in the five fold anointing.  It is a strong focus to not only walk out this pattern of our King, but to teach others in the understanding of doing it as well.  

There is a determination to bring people into an understanding of a biblical supernatural walk with the Lord, which was quenched by the Greek worldview that came into the church back in the time of Augustine and others who were students of Greek thought.  Even today, as much as people love knowing more about how they can walk with greater authority in the supernatural realms, many times they still fall back on the logic of a natural world.  So we are heartily wanting to make an effort to educate the blood bought saints of God into knowing their King the way that He wants us too.

This is definitely a new time and a new era for those in Christ who want to go much deeper than ever before in walking out the destiny of love, worship, changing culture, and keeping victory.  And in this event filled future, there are by the Lord right now new plans, new doors of opportunity, and even new directions.  This is what we were made to do and for sure, it is a great and wondrous time ahead for the people of Almighty God!

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