Pat Holloran speaking at Legacy Church in Tampa, FL

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Memorial Service for Pat Holloran - March 21, 2016

Sunday, May 08, 2016

A New Sound! A New Season!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Prophetic Word for Vermont

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Prophetic word for 2013! "God has been calling the saints of God to have a voice that takes them from the desert living"

Saturday, February 09, 2013

"Moslem Winter" May 14, 2012 Prophecy by Pat Holloran

Monday, September 17, 2012
With the recent world events of the assassination of the United States ambassador to Libya and the violent demonstrations that have followed, we feel compelled to share this prophetic word Pat Holloran received from the Lord on May 14, 2012, while doing a tour of ministry in Western Michigan. 

Prophetic Word for West Michigan

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

It is now the time of the dormant seasons to come into bearing an awakening. The seasons of the sowing of the words of future hopes, promises and gatherings according to the will of God for this western region is now to be held up before the Lord in order to have it be released into rising out of the soil. It is now the time of warring for the revelations that will present into this land of the western territory an ecclesia that will be all about God’s Kingdom upon this earth. And the key is not going to be in the established church, but in the gatherings of blood covered saints who reach out with the ambition of saying, “Come Lord in greater than ever before.”

It will not be to declare for I the Lord to come and habitat. For am I not already there by your presence to habitate and to rest? Am I not already on your land to stay as My fullness is resting in you? It is time to come into the real truth of My perfect will and not into the traditions of man that have held back the promise of My harvest on your land.

Awaken now into the strategies of heaven that are for this particular part of the earth realm and know that while others have spoken of My will, they did not carry out the orders of what was given to them. I have found a willingness with real apostolic figures and authentic prophets to sow not only into this land, but into the very people of the land. There is coming into this territory a people who will arise with those who are already on the land and together they shall hear the voice of the Lord for going to the north, the east, the south, and the west. For claiming and making the Kingdom of God on earth come alive with passion, and with the declaration of the sword of the Spirit.

In this region the sound that has been planted into the very soil of the hearts of the people will now come forth with a message of war, the winning of government for the One True God, and for an awakening of destiny that will over-rule the spirits who have decided to make the Sanhedrin rule and reign even in the gatherings of the church. And know that even though the worship has been good, what is coming is greater in sound, in delivery, and in passion. A sound of saying that God is beautiful and also a God to be feared in awe.

It is to be a time of My Law arising and the jealousy of kings being shown to the hearts of leaders. But this jealousy will be for The Presence/ The Ark Presence that is in the house group, in the prayer group, in the small group, to come into the large corporate gatherings of people who have called on My Name but have lost their passion. And this awakening of Passion, of First Love, will revive and reform the land and you shall not only hear, but see the many signs and wonders coming forth that will change whole families.

There is coming into action an assignment that will ambush the saints who are in ungodly isolation, out of fellowship, and they will rehearse their traumas of the past to the point that they will suffer again the rejection that caused them to run from others. So the Lord says to stay connected to a spiritual family.

This is the hour of Acts Chapter 10. It will start with the saints being told to come into the 9th hour and look for the leaders who are of Me. And in the 6th hour I will tell the apostles, the ones who have seen the King of Kings not in a vision, but in the physical realm, of the coming of those who are hungering and thirsting for My Spirit. Yes, it will be that you will see that even hour by hour I the Lord am making a change to the environment of the natural realm of western Michigan. I will, just as I did with Peter, re-affirm and connect the apostles and the prophets of My heart to the people who are entering into this new season. And I will go so far as to show them up to three times to awaken and go to the people who are waiting. And it will not be called common!

There is now the time of where those who call on My Son really do not know that much about Me. But this new time of where I come to kiss you will reveal the greater revelations of the King of this region and that it is The Lord God Almighty!

You are going to see a Sanhedrin church rise up in this western land and they will connect with the small groups, with the house, with the business, and with the individual ministries and ministers who have kept their hearts pure and righteous by My Spirit. And this will be the flame of ignition that will turn the assignments of mans traditions away and the blood covered light of the gospel of the Kingdom will be announced, implemented, and put into reformation for this land that will cause other leaders of other lands to come and receive that they may go to their lands and harvest forth the word of life and the “Good News of the Kingdom!”

The religious structure/ Sanhedrin culture of Michigan is now to start shifting. Western Michigan can no longer be isolated, but must start to come alive that it will affect all of the state, upper and lower, and even the great lakes. I tell you, it is the true apostles and their alliances that will correct this state.

And there will come a strong west wind from just off of the shore that will prophetically be a signal of great prosperity. And just as this wind in the natural will blow, I the Lord will blow a stronger west wind that will remove the locusts of traditions, of poverties, of systemic poverty, and of unproductivity in the saints. And this strong wind will also bring in industry, corporate understanding, that will change all of Michigan.

Yes, I Am bringing a spiritual authority for this area to move with the wind of My will. You must know that until now, I have not had the correct authority and structure of apostles in this land in place. But now there is coming those who must lead who have seen My Son. And they, with the blood-covered saints, will now call for the wind of the west to blow. 


Concern for America

Friday, April 13, 2012

   "If we do not have a Great Revival, a Great Awakening, we will not be recognizable as the nation originally hoped for by our founding fathers as well as other leaders of the last two hundred years." Read More...

GOP and 2012 Elections

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prophetic Word for 2012

Friday, February 03, 2012

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