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Father's Blessing pamphlet Father's Blessing pamphlet
(969 KB)
A great informative guide regarding the importance of a Father's Blessing. Includes blessing prayer for sons or daughters.

Healing Scriptures Healing Scriptures
(212 KB)

Is some music ungodly? Is some music ungodly?
(1148 KB)
I was approached by a young man who told me that he was offended by the fact that I would sing a secular song’s melody with the words of my prayer language. His pastor had taught him that most of the music that the church of today was using was in fact not of God, but of the enemy. This started me thinking of how do we reach the people who are being fed this type of instruction from the pulpit...

Toolbox for Living Toolbox for Living
(1923 KB)
A handy toolbox of scriptures regarding individual topics. You will want to remember & declare these scriptures in your daily life.

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